Beware the Male Feminist | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson

Recently, Saturday Night Live produced a skit called ” Girl at a Bar ” where a woman sitting alone at a bar is repeatedly approached by self-proclaimed feminist men-“not gross guys trying to hit on you or anything”-who make it clear, through their pussyhats and their feminist T-shirts, that they are not one of those “skeazy guys” at a bar.

What McCain did was hard. What Murkowski and Collins did was much harder.

In the early-morning hours after Senate Republicans’ last-ditch attempt to repeal Obamacare failed, a common narrative began to emerge: that while three “no” votes from Republicans killed the bill, only Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) saved the day. CNN called it “John McCain’s maverick moment.”

These industries are growing. Why are men staying away?

Millions of jobs in industry, held mostly by men, have disappeared in the last two decades. But at the same time, the economy has gained 9 million jobs in education and health services, which are more frequently associated with women. So why don’t more men get into those professions?

The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because of Motherhood

It is logical for couples to decide that the person who earns less, usually a woman, does more of the household chores and child care, Ms. Kerr said. But it’s also a reason women earn less in the first place. “That reinforces the pay gap in the labor market, and we’re trapped in this self-reinforcing cycle,” she said.

Don’t Trust Men Who Want a ‘Nice’ Woman

Today started out fine. I put on a leather jacket and sneakers, kissed my boyfriend, and walked to work. Then I said “hi” to my colleagues and opened my laptop to see what the internet is talking about today. It wasn’t long before I saw an article published by FOX News about how men really just want “nice women.”

We Need to Stop Celebrating Men Who Do Household Chores

Men, please stop pretending that you’re doing anyone a favour by looking after your own offspring.

Dear Men Who Wish To Be Allies to Women – Lisa M. O’Neill – Medium

Hello, I’m glad that you care about women’s rights and want to be an ally! This makes you a decent human being. Not to mention on the right side of history. You may have witnessed an upsurge of toxic masculinity lately - say, for example, the entire second presidential debate - drawing attention to what has always been here under the surface but perhaps has not always been as visible to you.

Meet the Woke Misogynist

I usually stretch a Tinder chat over days or even weeks, warily circling a guy to make sure he seems like a decent human. But on that sticky summer night, Bob* put me at ease right away. He was in an open relationship, just like me. He talked frankly and respectfully about sex.