Debate Experience

I have been in the debate community for 9 years, as a competitor, judge, coach, and administrator.

I competed in policy debate for four years in high school for the Lakeland District Debate Team, where I reached the top levels of national debate competition (including qualifying to the Tournament of Champions) and served as captain. I attended month-long workshops at Michigan State, Stanford, and Harvard during my high school summers. I was coached by Stefan Bauschard and Brian Manuel, two of the top policy debate coaches in the country.

I then took a year and a half off from a formal education to coach Public Forum debate in South Korea for three months, policy debate at my alma mater (Lakeland District Debate Team), and conducted workshops in China on the value of debate and the basics of argumentation. I also helped edit the public forum debate textbook used in schools in China. 

I have taught at the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops for two years, and Speaking & Debating Academy (now Millennial Speech & Debate), working with both American and international students. 

I currently work with Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops, Millennial Speech & Debate, and Gonzaga Debate Team on their web presence. (See more here.)

I coached debate at Commonwealth High School in Boston, where my students competed in the Debating Association of New England Independent Schools Tournaments in parliamentary debate. 

Debate Teaching Experience

Debate Coach

Commonwealth Schools
August 2017 – August 2018

* Taught weekly debate class with students in grades 9-12

* Arranged tournaments, intramural debates, & research assignments

Assistant Debate Coach

Lakeland District Debate Team
Sep 2013 – June 2016 (Part-Time)

* Traveled to tournaments during the season for argument coaching, research & judging

* Assisted during weekly debate classes

* Tournament administration during the annual Westchester Classic Tournament


Speaking and Debating Academy
Summer 2015  (Full-Time)

* Classroom Instruction in Speech and Basic Debate

* One-on-One Tutoring in LD Debate


Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops
Summer 2013, 2014 (Full-Time)

* Lab Leader for the International & American Public Forum Debate Workshop


National Forensic League of South Korea
July 2013 – November 2013 (Full-Time)

* Tournament administration for national tournaments

* Represented NFL-SK at regional debate promotion events

* Coached students for participation in various debate events