This was my activity essay to college on high school debate. 

I am never home, always traveling, whether it is the next town over or all the way across the country. I have sleepless weekends, long weekdays, and busy summers. I am not the best in the nation and I am not getting paid. And, it most certainly does not attract girls. I stay in stranger’s homes, and eat whatever is available. I speak at 350 words per minutes and use jargon that only a small community understands. I take notes in a manner only decipherable by my peers. For what?  Good question.

Every idle second is spent researching diverse topics such as social services in the United States, United States military presence, American space policy, and transportation infrastructure investment. One round I defend one side of the topic; the other round I am answering the same arguments I just made. I argue how we should argue for optimum education. I defend my advocacy against those who say it is patriarchal, biopolitical, capitalistic, securitizing, or that issues of racial studies must precede all other discussions. I have to defend my policy, my epistemology, my representations, my ethics framing, and my ontology. I have to know the political implications of Congress discussing my policy and also the environmental effect. I need to know how China, Russia, or even Venezuela will react to my policy. Why?  Good question.

And, in the end, I go home, only to be bombarded by assignments, work for other activities, and prolonging fatigue. Yet, I do it weekend after weekend, month after month, summer after summer, year after year, and keep wanting to come back. I want to work at summer debate institutes. I want to debate competitively in college. I want to continue to judge debates long after I have graduated. I want stay with the Lakeland Debate Team for years to come. What’s wrong with me? Great question.