As Humza Tahir and I prepare to leave for college, we (mostly he) have been working to make sure Teach to Learn – New York has a strong set of leaders for the coming years.

I can confidently say that we are leaving T2L-NY in the hands some of the most dependable, hard-working, and caring people I have met. Akshay Ramaswamy (President), James Allan (VP of Programs), Ethan Krantz (VP of PR), and Mike Lewis (VP of Internal Management), along with their chairpeople and volunteers are going to take T2L in a great direction.

I am also SUPER excited that Humza will be joining me as COO/VP of Operations at Teach to Learn Foundation as we prepare to move to Cambridge and set up a long-term plan with the help of our other classmates! He has been nothing short of perfect in his role as T2L-NY President and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to move T2L forward.